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Rental of media screens
LED screens installation
Commercials creation
Advertising on media screens
Mobile showroom
Advertising space analytics
Registration of outdoor advertising
Object visualization
Metal structures manufacturing

We know how much time and effort it takes to communicate with different organizations and agencies for the provision of services and how often contractors do not meet the stipulated deadlines.

We appreciate your time and are ready to provide a full range of services related to the acquisition and subsequent use of LED products.

You are thinking about purchasing a video screen, what next?

The main task of LED equipment is to draw attention to the product or service. To get the greatest result from the screen acquisition, you need to conduct an advertising space analytics. The staff of our analytical department will help you to find out the real estimate of your advertising space, the payback period of your investment.

Our designers will quickly and efficientlyrender the object with the binding of the LED screen, which will allow you to evaluate the result in advance. Also, the design department is engaged in the production of commercials and static banners for you and your advertisers.

You received all the necessary data and decided to purchase a media facade or a LED screen.

The next step is to develop an engineering project. This important task should be entrusted only to professionals, since the accuracy of the calculations determines the safety and efficiency of the structure. The designers and engineers of our company are true professionals in their field, they have been working in the field of designing since the foundation of EICHDI, they have tremendous experience and knowledge.

Your screen is ready. You are faced with a choice: orderinstallation from us or install the equipment yourself.

Adressing to EICHDI, you get a guarantee for the products and all installation and commissioning works.


Installation, connection and subsequentservice maintenance of LED structures is an important task for us. Our company employs highly qualified installation teams with many years of experience, performing work on the installation of equipment of any complexity under any climatic conditions, at any height. The steel structures required for theinstallation of screens are manufactured and painted in a special equipped workshop at our assembly plant.

When purchasing LED equipment for the street you need to think aboutthe registration of outdoor advertising. We have extensive experience in the design of media facades, video screens, street signs, lightboxes and other outdoor advertising media and are ready to provide you with services for registering both our LED technology and third-party.

What to do if you rarely or periodically need a screen, there is no budget for the purchase and there is no place to store equipment?

One of our most sought after services isthe rental of video screens.

If you need to hold a conference, broadcast, or other event at no additional cost, make your stand bright and unique at the exhibition, our video screens will convey information about you, your company and product to each visitor in all its glory!

Our experts will independently deliver and connect the screen suitable for your event, will monitor its operation during use, and then dismantle and remove the equipment. You don't have to take care of it.