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Buying LED equipment is an excellent solution for business development, increasing brand awareness, additional income. The procedure is quite simple: order the screen, install, download the desired video information. Within the framework of a large-scale project, for which business equipment is required to be equipped with screens of various assortment, type and purpose, the procedure becomes more complicated. Instead of one contractor, 2-5 appear, deadlines are not maintained, the equipment is not stable and is controlled from different sources, control of the situation is lost and the strategically important step of developing and improving business turns into a nightmare that lasts sometimes for years.

Due to the increased demand, our company has developed comprehensive solutions for the development and increase of income for sports complexes, airports and railway stations, shopping and business centers, chain stores.

  • Speed: to meet even the toughest deadlines, many tasks are conducted in parallel. The development of a business plan for an investor goes along with photo-referencing, examination, project visualization and design;
  • Quality: the production of high-tech equipment requires careful inspection at every stage of production. Components and finished equipment are mandatory tested by Quality Control Department, so we can confidently declare the quality of our products and provide a warranty on equipment up to 5 years;
  • Innovations: LED and LCD equipment for various purposes integrates with any control system to update information in real time;
  • Savings: choosing a comprehensive solution for business you not only save yourself from mistakes, time and energy costs, but also significantly save. For these offers we have special conditions and prices;
  • Income: after installing the equipment, we connect you to a special platform that allows you to easily find advertisers for your surfaces, manage the displayed content, get statistics;
  • Confidence: Operational maintenance in the Russian Federation and the CIS, technical support 24/7, components are always in stock.