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Media facades
Indoor media screens
Outdoor media screens
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For 10 years, EICHDI has been manufacturing, supplying and servicing LED products in the Russian Federation and the CIS for various purposes. Over the years we have become experts in the field of LED equipment, introducing the latest innovative technologies in production.

One of the main elements of the system of manufacturing products is the quality control department at all stages of production. We pay special attention to the quality of the equipment, so before sending to the customer, the products undergo various tests and tests.

Today, we produce a huge number of modifications and models of LED products for a wide range of applications: media facades, LED screens for the street and premises, video signs and much more. Turning to our company, you can choose a product that is ideal for you.


Media facades are used to broadcast videos and images of a large area on the facades of buildings. The ease of construction, super-brightness, practicality and ease of installation make media facades an indispensable tool for displaying advertising on large surfaces. The high level of income from the rental of advertising surfaces makes the purchase of media facades an extremely profitable investment.

Outdoor media screens are used to broadcast advertising, social and informative videos and images on digital billboards, facades of buildings, shopping centers and sports complexes. Demonstration of video content attracts dozens more passers-by than a static picture, brings a higher income and does not require additional time and money to replace information on the screen.

Indoor media screens are used in stores, shopping and situational centers, concert audiences, airports, and train stations. The production technology of LED screens allows you to create surfaces of individual shapes and sizes. The brightness and clarity of the screens attracts people's attention, makes your information message stand out among competitors.

Video signs are perfect for broadcasting short informational messages, navigation signs for stores, and outlets both on the street and indoors. Great for lack of large areas for screen placement.

For quick and easy management of LED equipment, we not only provide software, but also customize and modify software for existing control systems, which is our competitive advantage. We successfully integrate video screens with complex control systems of airports, sports complexes, shopping and situational control centers, chain stores.