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The information agency "TASS"


On December 25, 2017, the specialists of our company completed the installation of a media facade with the size of 80x2 m, with an area of 160 square meters.

This media facade is a news feed in the form of a transparent scrolling text, which does not block the access of light to the windows. The difficulty of installation was that work had to be done only at night.

Drivers of passing cars and passers-by will now always be aware of the latest world news!

Video presentation:

Видео 1
Видео 2
Technical specifications
Technical specifications
  • Pixel pitch, mm 50x25
  • Size, mm 1200x2400
  • Brightness, cd/m2 6500
  • Transparency, % 61
  • Module resolution, px 24x96
  • Screen weight kg 19.00
$ 975 per m2
World Food Azerbaijan 2017

05/16/2017 EICHDI specialists have designed and installed a radial screen with dimensions of 9920 x 2880 mm, in pixel pixel P2.5mm, at WorldFood Azerbaijan 2017. The complexity of the project consisted in the manual assembly of 160 x 160 mm modules.

Video presentation:

Видео 1
Technical specifications
Technical specifications
  • Pixel pitch, mm 2.5
  • Size, mm 320x160
  • Brightness, cd/m2 4500
  • Module resolution, px 128x64
  • Screen weight kg 16.00
$ 4 263 per m2