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"Sochi 2016" forum


The Sochi-2016 Forum is a traditional platform for the presentation of the investment and economic potential of Russia, the regional aspects of the global economy, interaction and the strengthening of ties between foreign and Russian representatives of the business, expert and media communities. The forum is held with the participation of Dmitry A.A. Medvedev. The XV International Investment Forum "Sochi-2016" and the Sochi Investment Expo exhibition were held at the site of the Main Media Center of the Sochi Olympic Park, with a total area of ​​20,500 square meters. m

As part of the business program of the Forum, 36 meetings, meetings, business breakfasts, and competitions were held. The forum was attended by more than 4,000 people from 43 countries, including 874 representatives from the business community. 291 speakers took part in the discussions. The specialists of the HD company in the shortest possible time prepared a comprehensive solution for the exhibition stand for the XV International Investment Forum Sochi 2016.

Characteristics of the screen: LED screen P3, size 4032x1536 mm

For the project was provided:

- video screen

- speakers, mixing console, radio microphones, microphones,

- touch table

Video presentation:

Видео 1
Видео 2
Technical specifications
Technical specifications
  • Pixel pitch, mm 3
  • Size, mm 192x192
  • Brightness, cd/m2 700
  • Module resolution, px 64x64
  • Screen weight kg 25.00
$ 1 486 per m2
World Food Azerbaijan 2017

05/16/2017 EICHDI specialists have designed and installed a radial screen with dimensions of 9920 x 2880 mm, in pixel pixel P2.5mm, at WorldFood Azerbaijan 2017. The complexity of the project consisted in the manual assembly of 160 x 160 mm modules.

Video presentation:

Видео 1
Technical specifications
Technical specifications
  • Pixel pitch, mm 2.5
  • Size, mm 320x160
  • Brightness, cd/m2 4500
  • Module resolution, px 128x64
  • Screen weight kg 16.00
$ 4 263 per m2