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        EICHDI persuaded Chinese module manufacturers to search for new, low-cost technological solutions in using monochrome LED modules for assembling information LED-screens, hereinafter referred to as "running lines". Applying new technology, manufacturers developed modules with drainage channels, which gave a number of advantages: getting rid of aluminum corners made the appearance of the ticker presentable, complete sealing of each module made it possible to mount the modules on magnets, reduced the assembly time of equipment, the need to use silicone disappeared, maintenance became easier from the front.



        The company ECHDI has signed a contract with the manufacturer of controllers for LED screens Huidu, to use 8-bit controllers in Russia and the CIS countries.



        The use of full-color C1 and C3 controllers, independent of computers, with the ability to play static and dynamic images, the total amount of memory - up to 2 GB.



        Opening an office of 300 m2 and an increase in the company's staff to 30 people.

        Opening of the showroom.

        Changes in production. The production area and number of personnel were increased, new equipment was purchased.

        The company won 70% of the market in Russia and became number 1 in the segment of running lines and video signs.

        Participation in specialized exhibitions.

        In September, our plant developed an optimal module for full-color p13 running lines of 320x160 mm. The assembly has become possible to produce on frame structures and in the cabinet design. The advantages of this module are drainage channels, the most minimal use step in full-color running lines, increased brightness of 5000 cd.



      The following departments are formed and structured: sales department, design department, accounting department, installation department, assembly department, service department.

      Transition and implementation of SMD technologies.

      Deliveries of LED screens to sports facilities and government agencies.



      The company ECHDI began to open representative offices throughout Russia.

      Installed the first media facade on the building of the University of RUDN.

      Made delivery and installation of LED screens in the situation center for the Ministry of Defense on Frunzenskaya Embankment



       The increase in financial performance.

       Formed its own fleet of branded cars.

       Installed media facades in the pioneer camp "Artek".

       Installed media facade of 730 m2.

       Video screens installed in the sports complex "Luzhniki".

       Installed screen in Moscow City with a resolution of 8K.

       A grandiose project for 1000m2 screens for premises in the Gorki shopping center has been implemented.

       Optimization of all business processes using the means of internal development of an internal CRM system with a clear departmental structure, in which every employee is automated. Increase sales and quality of service by storing customer information and its history at all stages of the relationship.



        Increase staff to 150 employees.

        Formed a department for renting screens with the largest fleet of screens in Moscow.

        Changes in production. Built a warehouse of finished products.

        Conclusion of exclusive contracts with 2 leading factories for the production of media facades in China.

        Installed 28 media facades, including the largest media facades, an area of ​​2,450 m2.

        Video screens and media facades were installed at the stadiums "Rostov-Arena" and "Stadium Kaliningrad."

        EICHDI has become the leader in the market of media facades.



       A contract for airport equipment with turnkey LED screens has been concluded.

       13 representative offices were opened in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS.