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The company ECHDI is a manufacturer of LED screens, the exclusive dealer of leading Chinese factories for the production of media facades and video screens.
The company was founded in 2010 and in 10 years has developed from a small organization specializing in sales of LED information lines to the leading supplier of LED technology in the Russian Federation.
How did we manage to achieve this?
First of all, EICHDI is built on employees. From the first days of work, we pay special attention to the education and growth of professionalism of personnel, we create conditions for realizing the potential of our employees. Developed and implemented advanced internal IT solutions to automate all business processes.

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Why us?

  • Our own component manufacturing lines in China allow us to offer customers the best prices on the market; 
  • Component warehouses, metalworking and assembly shops in Moscow make it possible to assemble hundreds of square meters in a short period of time;
  • Finished products in warehouse allows our company to deliver LED products to customers in up to 2 days;
  • Quality Control Department controls quality at all stages of production;
  • The service office is automated thanks to the developed IT solutions, equipped with a showroom, which presents a wide range of LED technology;
  • Our staff of highly qualified engineers, designers, designers, designers, installers and industrial climbers, daily implement complex and large-scale projects, develop unique solutions for each project;
  • Well-established logistics and its own fleet make delivery quick and uninterrupted.

Unsurpassed experience, high speed of execution of orders of any complexity, professional work of specialists in any conditions allowed us to recommend ourselves among the leading manufacturers of LED products in China. Already in 2012, we became distributors of 5 plants with an impeccable reputation, having received the best conditions in terms of price, production time and quality of the product, which makes us stand out among the competitors in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

For all the time of our activity, we have developed and implemented 10,450 complex projects that can be done only by competent and experienced specialists. We have successfully produced and installed 51 media facades in different cities of Russia, such as:

We are trusted by many government agencies and structures, sports clubs and organizations, large enterprises and firms, educational institutions, charitable foundations, banks and private customers.

The advantages of media facades and LED media screens Eichdi


Different types of video screens: outdoor can be installed on the street, internal - in rooms, stationary - on a permanent place of use, and mobile - on prefabricated structures.

  • Street constructions do not grow dull in bright sunlight and have good resistance to adverse weather conditions.
  • Images are “juicy”, saturated and do not tire your eyesight.
  • Products are created taking into account all your preferences and wishes.
  • Outdoor video screens have a solid protective frame.
  • Convenient and easy operation.

Video screens and media facades are an excellent solution to ennoble silent buildings with useful public information. Our products will harmoniously fit into any interior and exterior. Our professional designers and designers will take care of this.

What opportunities does our product offer?

  • Advertising in malls for the promotion of goods and services due to the dynamism and brightness of devices, which in turn increases the attendance of shopping centers.
  • Effective and unobtrusive reporting of information to consumers.
  • Conducting live video broadcasts during sports events and holidays.
  • Informing the public about socially significant events.
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles.
  • Social advertising about the projects being implemented throughout the Russian Federation.
  • The use of media facades and video screens in areas of large concentrations of people.

Russian manufacturer EICHDI (HD) has proven itself not only in the regions of the Russian Federation, but also in many foreign countries. Our extensive experience and professionalism allow us to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. We are not afraid to take responsibility and implement projects that others refuse.

Our staff consists of professional engineers, designers, designers, designers, builders, installers and industrial climbers. All of them have already come to us with work experience and regularly improve their knowledge and skills. Engineers from Russia, who work for us, have a great length of service and relevant qualifications, which they received abroad. In our rules do not stop at the reached level.

Our personnel are well-versed in the world of electronic technology, they are well-versed in the design of media facades and screens, as well as carry out repairs at the level of component soldering. The company also installs and maintains screens that were not bought from us, regardless of the features and complexity of the devices. In case of problems or lack of software, our programmers can always pick it up.

The plant and assembly production correspond to all the trends of technical progress. They are equipped with specialized equipment that allows you to carry out projects of any complexity and meet all quality standards.

The products we manufacture have a certificate of conformity No. ROSS RU.0001.11AE83, and our company’s catalog list is registered in the Gosstandart of the Russian Federation. Our company is deservedly considered one of the best in Russia. We know and always understand what our customers want. With us, any facade and room will "talk" about you!

Our details:


OGRN: 11877467169593

Address: 117342, Moscow, st. Butlerova, 17B, business center "Neo Geo", Block A, office 210.

Legal address: 115230, Moscow, Hlebozavodsky passage, building 7, building 9, fl. 4 pom XI, com. 5T

INN / KPP: 7724448150/772401001

Races Account: 40702810602870003122

Account: 30101810200000000593

Bik: 044525593



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